Say no to shaming celebrities; Your disapproval makes no difference


 So, I don’t know about you, but I watched the Grammys last month and ended up falling asleep halfway through. But when I woke up, I opened TikTok to find fans absolutely livid that Harry Styles got booed when he won an award for Album of the Year.

      Styles approached the stage to give his acceptance speech, but he was suddenly rudely interrupted by an audience member. Not another celebrity, but someone who was believed to be a reporter.

      The reporter shouted, “Beyonce should have won,” from their seat, and clearly this person yelled loud enough because multiple videos from Style’s acceptance speech picked up on the line.

      Now, my first initial thought to this situation circulated back to Taylor Swift, and how the same incident happened to her all the way back in 2009. However, it happened a bit differently compared to Styles.

      At the 2009 VMAS, Swift was interrupted by rap artist Kanye West during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Kanye barged onto stage, took the microphone from at the time 19-year-old Taylor, and spoke the infamous lines “Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

      The audience then began to boo Kanye, but unfortunately Swift thought at that moment that the crowd was booing her, as she explained in her documentary, Miss Americana.

      And then I got to thinking. Why do people feel the need to bring down successful celebrities?

       It’s literally the most unnecessary thing ever. Like, I really don’t understand it. What do you gain from comparing them? Do you feel proud of yourself for bringing down other people’s accomplishments?

       You can have your own opinion all you want. Obviously, it’s fine that you may prefer one artist’s music over another’s, but you don’t have to be rude about it, especially directly to the artist’s face.

        I’ve seen SO many hate accounts on TikTok that are specifically made for hating a public figure, comparing them, etc. Sometimes, usually a lot more frequently than you may think, this stuff finds these celebrities and it affects them.

      All I’m saying is you can, of course, have your own opinions on anything. Specifically in this case, you can like a celebrity and dislike a celebrity, but remember that these people are human. They are real, and they can see the things we post.

      I think a lot of people fail to realize that celebrities have feelings, too. It’s not fair for them to get discredited and hated for doing nothing wrong. It’s not Harry’s fault for getting Album of the Year, and it’s not Taylor’s fault for getting Best Female Video in 2009.

      There is no valid reason to deliberately go out of your way and make content or leave a hate comment on anyone’s posts. Leave your opinions to be talked about when you and your friends want to catch up on some celebrity drama.

      Moral of the story, just don’t make your hateful opinions public! You don’t have to like every famous person, but you also don’t have to hate them and bring them down online… or at award shows.