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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

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Senior trips are worth extended energy; Making memories that profit from time, effort

Senior trips are something you hear people talking about all the time during your high school experience. These include beach trips, mini vacations with friends, and other great memories for the end of high school. But is it worth all the different factors to go on a senior trip?

     “According to LendEdu, the average cost of a trip is $2000.” With the cost of a hotel or a place to stay, along with travel, shopping, food and drinks and any other expenses, that average seems very realistic. To a student who works part time, this cost may not seem like much to them, as they can make it up in a couple of months of work. However, to students who don’t have much saved, who don’t get many hours at their job, and are paying for this trip on their own, this much to spend for one week may put a massive dent in their savings account.

      While there is not an ideal answer to solve this problem, there are some ways a senior can make this cost lighter on themselves. According to, you can find cheap destinations. While everyone may be going to the popular beaches, you can always find something just as fine that is not the stereotypical senior trip. This could help you find a cheaper place and find some fun new destinations with your friends.

      Another one of the tips suggested by is travel during off-seasons. While it may be harder to travel to someplace like the beach on an off season when your purpose is the sun and the sand, it may be more ideal to go the week before or after senior week. It will still be busy and crowded, but can be avoiding the senior week prices and crowds that will have increased prices.

      But, truthfully, is a senior trip worth the hassle? Trips include finding people to stay with and trying to split prices with a bunch of high school students. This involves lots of planning and effort from multiple people. 

     It’s worth it in the end when you remember that it’s one last little vacation with your friends while you all part ways for a while for college. It’s something to look back on and remember the last final trip before your summer begins and everyone starts working again, and starting to prepare for college or going into the workforce. Even for a short amount of time, if you and your friends can even do a day trip, make the time to make the senior summer last. 

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