Annual fall production is going to be, ‘a real crowd pleaser’; Drama department prepares for take on classic show


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 Every year, the North Harford chapter of ITS hosts a dinner at which the title of the following year’s fall musical is released. On May 22, it was announced that student performers will be following the yellow brick road to begin preparing for The Wizard of Oz.

Drama teacher Nancy Green and her artistic team are already beginning plans for how to bring this story to life on stage.

   According to, The Wizard of Oz was originally published as a children’s book, by L. Frank Baum in 1900, and in 1903, it made its way to Broadway. During the year 1939, The Wizard of Oz was made into a movie.

    Green is “super excited” about the show. “I know all the teachers who collaborated on working to pick the show are really excited and they all like the show,” said Green. Senior Abby Renzulli adds, “I really love the show and I think it’ll throw a large audience.”

    Something that makes this year’s annual play special is that, “there is a role for everyone because of the Munchkins,” according to the director.

   Green will transform the story and prepare with the drama department to make the play production unforgettable. Renzulli says Green chose The Wizard of Oz for the fall play because, “It is one that a lot of people knew and is a classic, and would be a real crowd pleaser.”

    In addition to releasing the title of the fall musical, the drama dinner also features a host of other important details. Renzulli said there were “…tributes for students that have passed away in the drama department, which are Win Berrell, Erin Drumm,” Awards for Best Actor in the Musical, Best Actor in the Play and more. Also, one scholarship was awarded to a student, according to Green.

    During the dinner, the department looked back on the year and acknowledged everything they have accomplished. The annual fall production is one of the most popular drama productions at the school, the few drama students who know about the play say this coming fall musical will be great.

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