Mama Mia 2, Here we go again!

OLIVIA BECKER, Sports Editor

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If you love musicals and loved Mama Mia 1, then you are in for a treat. The sequel (and partly prequel) of Mama Mia, Mama Mia, Here we go again!, was as close to the real thing as you can get. According to many North Harford students and teachers, you WILL want to get up and dance along.

Freshman Hailey Gross, says she loves all the music in the movie. Spanish teacher Mrs. Mary Capellan will tell you she loves ABBA, which is who the songs in the movie are from, so she always enjoys the shows.

The one downside to this prequel is that the beloved and wonderful Meryl Streep does not take part in the picture. So walking into the movie initially and realizing Streep wasn’t in the movie was a big set back since she was the dancing queen that made the first movie so exciting and fun. Gross agrees. She commented the first movie was her favorite simply because of Meryl Streep. While getting into the movie, though, it was clear that the lack of her role was made up for by the many lively characters.

The addition of so many new roles was another great part of Mama Mia 2. While this movie doubles as a prequel and sequel, the characters almost double as well. The scenes are full of flashbacks and reflections from the past. Freshman Isabella Silvestri says she loved “how they showed the different ages of them[the characters] throughout the movie.” She said she also enjoyed how accurately each character looked with their younger self.

The old songs making an appearance in the new movie was brilliant as well, despite what some critics say about repetition. This is inevitable, but of course fans would want to hear some of the great songs that were in the first movie again! Those wonderful ABBA tunes are the reason some fans decided to see it in the first place. Plus, the classic songs featured in the second movie were featured a bit different than they were before.

   “Mama Mia” itself began in a slower way. Mrs. Alison Austin even claimed Donna, played by Lily James, was heartbroken as she was sitting on the stage in the bar and you can just tell she was just so sad. The scene does really show a different side to the song Mama Mia, which is an interesting contrast from the original.

Mama Mia, Here we go again! is still in theatres now and won’t be available to purchase on DVD until October 23. If you love singing, dancing and great music, you don’t want to wait another second to go and see this phenomenal movie.

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