Fun , fresh, sweet; It’s Off The Beet

Ellie Evans, Assistant News Editor

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The latest and most trendy fitness phenomenon these days is cycling, and located in Bel Air is the new studio of this nature called Off The Chain. They not only offer the popular workouts but also a small smoothie/ healthy bowls bar cleverly named Off The Beet. If you’re willing to get your health and fitness on track, these two places are in fact meant for you.

Acai bowls are very prominent topics on the feeds of fitness gurus and health advocates. On social media.  Not only do they offer a good source of protein but also taste amazing (that is if you visit Off The Beet to grab one). The whole idea around acai bowls is to combine both a smoothie itself but also wholesome toppings such as fresh fruit, granola, and chia seeds.

Off The Beet  offers a variety of smoothie bowls such as Berry Good Workout which contains a wide array of berries, bananas, almond butter, almond milk, honey, and greek yogurt. The toppings for that particular smoothie bowl are banana slices, coconut flakes, almonds, strawberries, and dark chocolate chips. They can be changed with the vast assortment available if you choose and additional toppings are 75 cents.

The pricing of smoothie bowls are a bit of an investment but for the amount of nutritious fruits and toppings you get, it is most definitely worth it. The bowls are $10 and smoothies are $7.95; while these may be on the higher scaled prices for smoothies and bowls, many popular places across the country charge up to $15 for a bowl. Overall, buying another bowl would most certainly be worth spending the $10.

The ambiance of both connected establishments is very welcoming and inspiring. Once you step through the doors, feeling as though any fitness goals that you wish to obtain can be achieved in no time is much easier. The workers are very helpful and considerate of your many needs regarding bowls.

The two students from the North Harford community who are employees at the studio/smoothie bar, Ariel Limpert and Julia Foster, have nothing but good things to say about their workplace. Overall, the combined businesses are very welcoming and offer deliciously healthy and eclectic flavors to ensure obtaining your daily nutrients and exercise is possible.

Ellie Evans

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