Halloween fright-nights full of scaring

Tori Gay, Reporter

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to scare people for a job? Seniors Brooke Ciampaglio and Savannah Dieter both work at Legends of the Fog in in Aberdeen, Maryland.

Legends of the Fog is considered a haunted house with four main attractions: the haunted hay ride, the farewell hotel, the haunted maze, and the sinister circus. It is an almost famous fall attraction in Harford county.

Ciampaglio said that she enjoys working with people and getting to know them. “We have to work really hard together because everyone walking through is blind but we are sort of blind as well,” says Ciampaglio. The girls’ jobs include being actors in one of the attractions. They dress up as scary characters and try to scare the people walking through.  “I love getting the reaction out of people especially if it’s someone you know,” said Dieter. Both girls went through sessions of safety training this summer to be able to prepare for this job.

The makeup for this job is very serious. “Some of my friends don’t even recognize me,” said Dieter. She enjoys when her friends get there and don’t realize who she is because it doesn’t ruin the scare effect for them. Ciampaglio dresses up as a clown in the corn maze. She is a black and white checkered clown with a twist on the Harley Quinn character.

The girls both enjoy scaring people, and their biggest scares would be “making a grown man scream,” Ciampaglio said and “when this family walked in and didn’t see me, and I just kept staring at them until they turned around and jumped,” added Dieter.

Although Legends of the Fog seems fun, it isn’t for everyone.  Some would even say it’s “terrifying”. However, there are plenty of other ways to have fun with friends there.

Feeling spooky this fall? Go see Dieter and Ciampalgio at Legends of the Fog! 


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