All Mighty Duck Farmers cultivating music; Audiences flock to parties, special previews

Aleah Bikle, Reporter

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Love it or hate it, the name “duck farmers” has been a long standing tradition associated with NHHS. And once a duck farmer, always a duck farmer.
Dennis Schocket, Paul DiBastiani, Rich Davis, and Russ Greene are active members of the rock band named The All Mighty Duck Farmers. Schocket and his group of high school friends have been musicians for over 25 years, some even started 30+ years ago. They get the opportunity to play for other students from their graduation class at special venues, concerts, and fundraising events all across Maryland.
Schocket is a full-time musician who plays guitar and sings vocals for the Ducks. The band has been together for a little over two years and they say they feel “extremely grateful for every chance they are given to express their feelings through music” and “are excited for what is to come their way in the future.”
Schocket reveals that his favorite show above all is The Thanksgiving Eve Party held at Jarrettsville VFW Post, an annual event that has been sold out the last couple times when they performed. “The best show of the entire year is by far Thanksgiving Eve,” Schocket continues, “Many students who graduated with us come out and see our performance. It’s like a big NH reunion.” This year’s event took place on November 21 at 8 PM.
Schocket includes his top five pieces of advice to any musicians or vocalists who want to pursue music after high school, maybe even create a band of their own.
“My top five best pieces of advice to any working musicians are to first, practice your craft every single day, be on time for any upcoming gigs, complete a professional job and pack up your equipment in a timely manner,” Schocket continues. “Make sure to thank the audience for a great set and meet with the event manager after each show. Lastly, reflect on your performance and what you believe was good or bad to work on next time you are involved in an event.”
Schocket wants every performer to know that “it is important to always remember to enjoy being onstage with the people you love, with and an audience who will provide a reaction you’ll probably never forget.”
Schocket and his band say they are genuinely ecstatic about what lies ahead in their future of performing together and “will continue to play music until someone tells them to stop.”

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