Nutcracker in the four realms; New take on Christmas classic

CHARLOTTE McELWAIN, Social media coordinator

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The Nutcracker is a story that’s been told through generations but now Disney has taken a enchanting new spin on this timeless classic.
Disney is known for taking old stories and twisting them to their liking and the Nutcracker in the Four Realms is no exception to this rule. Even though there are a few similarities, the differences outnumber them in really meaningful ways. The first Nutcracker movie came out in 1986 follows the storyline of a girl named Clara who received a toy soldier for Christmas and later that night and she sleeps she’s taking away to a dream land where she works with her nutcracker do you save the kingdom from an evil rat king.
The 2018 Disney version, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, is a little different from the original; both have main characters named Clara and the setting remains Christmas Eve in England. In the 2018, version Clara and I are going to secretly in and goes on this amazing adventure to save a kingdom from an evil ruler.
The new film really didn’t have that Christmas vibe that most consumers thought it might. Something that really captivated audience was that astonishing details in animation and how it was incorporated into the real actors. Also, the use of music from the band and orchestra was an exquisite way to convey the inspirational tone of the film
The costumes on all the characters were absolutely breathtaking and the audience could tell how much time the designer put into making the characters costume, which made them even more stunning. But the best part of the movie was a plot twist that no one in the audience could see coming.
Certain scenes in the film are a little creepy, like when clowns were playing in a dark foggy forest. However, these are the moments in the film that help to make it go by really quickly, despite the 1 hour and 40 minutes play time. Even though it is not exactly the same as the original Disney version was done so beautifully and so breathtaking, this movie will appeal to all ages. All the characters, the scenery, and the details make for an amazing movie for strong female characters that inspire all.

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