Firefly music festival appeals to NH students

Ashley Haley, Reporter

  Music festivals are becoming more and more popular every year and Firefly Music Festival is no exception. The music festival will take place in Dover,  Delaware, at the Dover International Speedway, also called ‘The Woodlands’

    This year, the Firefly Festival will begin on Friday, June 21 and end on Sunday, June 23. Firefly is a place where attendees camp on the grounds of ‘The Woodlands’ for the weekend to get the opportunity to see various music artists perform. The event will feature popular singers, bands and musicians including  artists like Panic! At the Disco, Post Malone, and Travis Scott.

    Junior Madison Murdy exclaims, “I am going to Firefly this June and I am really excited go and see many of my favorite artists like Panic! At the Disco during the event.”

    The tickets for this particular music festival have a wide range in prices, with general admission passes starting at around $300 and the top VIP passes costing $7,200, however single day tickets are much less money. According to, “…Firefly Music Festival is the East coast’s largest music and camping festival…Featuring incredible live performances by genre-bending artists, unique food and drink vendors and a one-of-a-kind onsite camping experience.”  It is also described as “a can’t miss summer event for legions of fans.”

    The online website of Firefly also offers a wide range of tips for those who are planning to attend such as, what to pack, important camping information and things to know for when guests attend the festival. They also include items that are recommended for guests bring along and many helpful tips incase something happens to a personal belonging.

    “I think music festivals are definitely becoming really popular in the recent years, and although I have never been to one, it would be a fun new experience to actually go to one, one day, but they are very expensive to go to and buy tickets for” says junior Makayla Ottensmeyer.

Firefly Festival