Spencer takes center stage in NHHS musical, ‘The Music Man’



      Eight years ago, sophomore Gabby Spencer’s mother signed her up for children’s choir at their church.  Ever since then, she hasn’t stopped singing and is now the lead in the NH musical, The Music Man.  

     Spencer says, “singing, to me, means being able to tell a story with people using harmonies and melodies to make them feel a certain way.”  She sings because she loves being able to impact people with how a song or set is performed. “I like seeing how it’s used, and I like to think that one day, my music can help someone the way other kinds of music has helped me.”  

     While Spencer has strived to inspire many people with her music, she’s also been inspired by others. Everyone that she has met through singing has always been extremely kind, so Spencer always tries to pay it forward. “I strive to be loving and accepting of everyone,” the performer explains.  

     Spencer says that she has also made many best friends through music.  “Every choir or group I’ve been in has been like a family to me. It’s been amazing to know I’ve got so many amazing people who have my back, and I’m right behind them as well.’’  

     While preparing for her role as the lead in The Music Man, Spencer says she’s received so much support from everyone.  She remembers, “the second I saw my name next to my character, Marian, I started getting so happy and [started] crying.  I got so many positive words after the cast list came out. My friends are the absolute best.’’  

     Spencer says she’s been working hard preparing for The Music Man by taking voice lessons and practicing songs with her vocal coach.  She also uses the opinions of her cast mates and director Ms. Angie Jones on how to improve different things.  

     Music director Ms. Jones says picking the lead was a very tough decision.  “It’s hard to choose when there’s so much talent,’’ she continues, ‘’in the end, it’s about who became that character.’’  That ended up being Gabby Spencer herself.  

      Moving forward in life, Spencer wants to become a music major and develop a career in music.  She wants to pursue music because “it’s what I enjoy doing the most, it’s how I express my feelings, and I feel like I can share important messages to all different kinds of people through music.’’  The singer enjoys knowing that she can have a positive impact on people simply by doing what she loves.