Music Man musical makes its North Harford debut.

Marissa Altenburg, Reporter

  The premier of the North Harford High School fall musical The Music Man showed on Dec. 6 and 7. The male lead Harold Hill was filled by senior Max Henkel and the female lead, Marian Paroo was performed by sophomore Gabby Spencer.

      Freshman, Elisabeth Holmes who attended and performed in the band, says “I enjoyed the experience because I got to see some of my friends on stage, and I enjoyed watching the cast sing and dance. Some of my favorite parts were the song ‘Ya got trouble’, the song and dance ‘Shipoopi’ and the marching band at the very end.”

     Another attendee sophomore, Jackie Bultman says “I think what made the experience the most enjoyable was that it was very busy. There was never one part where I got bored because there was always something going on and, in some scenes, it was even chaotic so it wasn’t the typical play many would imagine. My favorite part was the scene in the library when the librarian was trying to keep the music man out of her library, but the more she tried the funnier and crazier it got. It was so chaotic but so cute at the same time. The actors were so great in this scene.

     Performer and sophomore Tessa Skrocki say “my favorite part was the friendships I made that will last forever. And of course, performing which I love, even though my part was small. I love being on that stage!”

     Junior, Chloe Henkel says “My favorite part is definitely our theatre family. These people honestly make me feel so good a comfortable, and I’d probably trust them with my life.”

     Max Henkel, senior played the music man. He adds “My goal was to deliver something that was comedic, entertaining, but also moving all at the same time. I worked very hard on my acting and stage presence for this show. If I had to change anything, I would perform the show when I was healthy instead of when I had a cold. That’s the only thing I would change.”

     Sophomore Gabby Spencer played Marian. She says “My goal was to give the audience an entertaining afternoon, as well as make the audience feel like they were a part of River City, Iowa and I wanted them to feel how the characters felt in certain situations. I would change how fast it went by! Getting to know the amazing cast, the first time seeing the set, the first time seeing the set, and the first time seeing the band come in were the biggest standouts for me.”

     Choreographer and teacher. Mrs. Melissa Winter says “Overall thoughts.   The play was fantastic. All the students worked so hard and it paid off.  They did great and I am very proud of them. If we had some more time the choreography team would have added some extra moves in the dance numbers, but we are so proud of how they executed them. All the dance numbers and the overall atmosphere and energy of all involved.  Everyone was so positive on and off the stage. Being part of the musical is always a great experience and we get to work with an awesome group of students.’