What do North Harford teachers eat for lunch?

Marissa Altenburg, Reporter

Mr. Benjamin Scarborough, Social Studies

“I bring yogurt, an apple and a pack of crackers.”






Mr. Scott Larbalestrier.  Social Studies

“Today we have soup and crackers, and I usually pack a fig bar for a snack if I get hungry. My lunch is usually stuff that I cook for the week that I have leftovers from.”








Mrs. Jenny Beigel,  Math

“I normally just eat leftovers of whatever I have and can grab on the way out.”








Mrs. Patricia Massetti, Science

“I usually have a salad and some type of fruit.”









Mrs. Shelly Sparks,  Math

“I pack my lunch everyday so usually it’s a sandwich and some apple sauce with some oranges or apples and a piece of candy.”


Mr. Russell Blake, World Language

“Every day is different but today I have a self-made chicken dish with vegetables and salad greens.”