Dealing with hardships in relationships; Students express opinions

KENDALL SCHUBERT, Business Manager

       North Harford students have things to say about whether they’d rather have to deal with the hardships with a partner, or be in a relationship that seemingly doesn’t have any flaws to it.

       Junior Shane Borns expresses that he would “rather have a relationship with hardships because being able to get through them and stay happy together builds your relationship and trust and it makes your connection stronger.”

       “Relationships are never going to be perfect,” says junior Kaylyn Shew. “There will be arguments and problems but it’s important because you learn a lot from those things and it usually makes the relationship stronger, everyone makes mistakes.” 

       Senior Caroline Ulmer adds to that by stating “to remember that it’s you two against the problem not you two against one another.” Junior Lauryn Sawyer explains that she believes “hardships show your s/o dedication to the relationship.”

       Sawyer goes on to say that overcoming those hardships make the relationship stronger in the end, but if they don’t give up and leave when you’re going through the rough patches together then it’s worth it

        Senior Matthew Biedermann states it’s important to always be there for each other, “listen to the other person and don’t always do what you want but what the other wants too.” Being open with each other and being yourself helps build the relationship, he says. 

       “I prefer relationships without flaws, but you can’t have a relationship without them,” expresses junior Brian Hauer “nobody is perfect, hardships are bound to happen but it’s how you work through the problems that occur.”

       Senior Zoe Mikles says, “each relationship is different and just because someone hurt you in the past doesn’t automatically mean that the person you are with now is going to hurt you too.” She says that was the biggest thing she had to realize. 

       Ulmer includes that a relationship without flaws isn’t possible, there will be rough patches but it’s about the two people coming together to fix the problem instead of letting it destroy them. 

       Biedermann says that “you need to have fun together and go on dates, make it a two-way relationship so that one isn’t always putting in more work than the other.” 

       Mikles also states “you should never stop showing appreciation for the person you are with, even on the hard days don’t make them feel unimportant or that you don’t want to be with them.” She says it’s kind of like “keep treating them like you’re still trying to get them.”