Baptiste Choné, French exchange student

Bella Arist

Bella Arist, Reporter

Q- How have you tried to get involved in the school so far? 

A- I tried to take part in the cross-country team but I broke my wrist, so I joined the French club. 


Q- Who do you stay with? 

A- My host family is the Endres, and I stay with them the whole time. 


Q- What is the hardest thing you’ve had to go through so far? 

A- The most difficult thing is the adaptation and language barrier.  


Q- What is the easiest and hardest class you’re taking this year? 

A- The easiest class is food prep and the hardest[is] German since I’m trilingual.  


Q- What do most people ask you about? 

A- My culture back home and what happened to my arm.