New fanbase taken by storm; Influence of viral sensation Alix Earle


 Influencers have become an epidemic since social media became big. According to studies, over the years, many people- specifically teens- have been widely impacted by influencers such as the newest beauty and lifestyle influencer, Alix Earle.

      Earle is a 22-year-old college student who is known for her TikToks. She has recently grabbed the attention of many teens, her fanbase mostly containing young teenage girls, and even some young adult women. 

     Her fame arose suddenly and quickly on the widely known social media app TikTok. Earle has gained over 4.7 million followers in only a couple of months.

      Her short second videos first started with “get ready with me” TikToks, where she would talk about her day in a life as a student at the University of Miami. However, since her recent climb into the spotlight, her content has included getting ready for higher profile events. In late December, Earle got ready for Miley Cyrus’s New Years Eve party and filmed the process.

      “A reason why Alix has so many people look up to her and therefore follow her is because she’s relatable,” said sophomore Mia Sbodio. “She’s very candid, she doesn’t sugarcoat her life – but her life is still entertaining just as it is,” she adds.

     Sbodio and sophomore Natalie Thomas both agreed that Earle is an “it girl.”

      Earle has been upfront about many things in her life, discussing anything from getting a breast augmentation and her acne journey to sharing her negative experience with sorority recruitment.

      As an influencer, Earle has influenced many of her followers to buy the products she uses. Not purposely, but just by using them in her TikToks. She is most known for using white eyeliner in her waterline, using Rare Beauty blushes, and also having long and full lashes by using two mascara’s- a Too Faced mascara and a Benefit mascara.

      Thomas shared that she bought the highlighter Earle has used. “I’ve really liked it so far, and I’d definitely buy it again,” she shares.

      The student also shared that when she is watching Earle’s videos, “it feels like she’s on FaceTime with me, she’s just so real.”

      Many students and teens who have been keeping up with Earle these past couple of months have described that they’ve felt like she’s a friend because of how raw she presents herself on social media.

      A common phrase has also recently circulated the app, used whenever a user would have a problem. The phrase “what would Alix do?” has flooded TikTok comment sections, leaving fans pondering on what the influencer would do if she were them.