New recruiting rules push back young players: Controversy, confusion result


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As many high schools students start the search for college, the opportunities to play college sports can loom over athletes, but now finally they can take a breath. Earlier this year, the NCAA division one council approved multiple new recruiting proposals that drastically changed the landscape of recruiting.

The new rule prohibits college lacrosse coaches from communicating with a player they are interested in until September 1st of their junior year of high school. The rule is effective immediately and will affect lacrosse only.

Not only does this change affect players but  coaches and their perspective on getting players ready for recruitment. Coach Burrows says, “I think the later the recruitment the more it could help us as a high school program. Boys and girls would be more focused, sometimes when you get recruited too early that becomes the primary focus, the college and you forget about the high school season and high school experience when they are worried about the clubs or showcase teams. So the later it is, the more it might keep the team together and they might focus more on high school.”

Division one recruit junior Kirsten Grzybowski agrees. “I think it’s a lot better because it’s really stressful that you’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen and when in four years, so I think it’s definitely better.” Grzybowski also says that “it’s going to be harder but quicker in the long run and a lot more competition because you have to get recruited in a much shorter amount of time.”

Mr. Brady Green, who is also the boys lacrosse coach, stated, “My role in the whole recruiting process is very minimal because you have to consider while I’m coaching the high school season, college coaches are coaching the college season. So really a majority of recruiting now takes place in the summer. So that being said, I think waiting until junior year is fine. I think high school coaches with high school sports don’t have a lot to do with recruiting anymore. Now because of so much going on in the summer with clubs, that where the majority of recruiting is happening.”

Newly recruited sophomore Brenna Duley says that she thinks “it’s good but can cause a lot of different problems. Kids who are a really young age decide whether to go to college and it’s kind of a lot. You grow a lot from the time where you are now to when you graduate.”

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New recruiting rules push back young players: Controversy, confusion result