College recruiting in sports


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For many students getting into their dream college is not only a huge goal but something students and athletes look forward to. Students not only want to go to school for an education but to play a sport they love.

   According to recruiting for the certain divisions is very different. Division IIII has a celebratory signing form that a college bound athlete can sign at any time. Even though it might sound simple to just sign a sheet,  that piece of paper means much more.

    Senior Ryan O’Leary has been playing soccer since he two years old and says that being recruited at least for D3 you have a lot of the control.“You have to seek out the coaches  and that you have to do a lot of stuff by yourself and go to their campus and play well when you go there.” O’Leary is planning to play D3 soccer at St. Vincent a college in Pennsylvania. He says that he wants to play soccer in college because he loved soccer so much and enjoyed it and being recruited makes him work harder than if he wasn’t being recruited.

    Junior Kaylin Johnson says that trying to be recruited has opened up her eyes to an even higher level if the sport and it motivates her “to reach that level of play.”  Johnson says that she “would miss the sport too much if I stopped.” The junior also attended multiple showcases for colleges, play days and tournaments as well as sent in film.

   Ben Sexton, a senior who suffered an injury during football season, is not giving up on his hopes to play college football. Sexton says he decided he wanted to play in college because he “couldn’t live without it” even with his injury the senior is continuing to show coaches plenty of tape and ss that his coaches have really help him but being supportive and taking the time time to send out tape for his recruitment.

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College recruiting in sports