NH athletes go the distance

Olivia Becker, Reporter

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     North Harford Student athletes have stood out in the crowd this year with a significant number of students featured in Alll-county, and even All-state sports. There is at least one player from every fall sport on an All-county team.

     The All-county Field Hockey team’s players are Skylar Limpert (first team), Ariel Limpert(first team), Brooke Rickey(second team), Brooke Ciampaglio(second team), Anna Racine(second team), Sara Burton(second team), Sara Ortt(second team). The All-county men’s soccer team’s players are Ryan O’Leary(first team), Tommy Campbell( first team), Chris Romanello(second team), Justin Gue(second team). The All-county women’s soccer team’s player is Mikaela Magness(first team). The all-county Golf team’s players are Jacob Nemeth(first team), Derek McManus(second team), Sarah Henderson(second team). The All-county football team players are Rob Brown(first team), and the All-conference football team’s players are Jarrett Newlon, Dave Harmon and Robert Brown. The All-county men’s volleyball team’s players are Nick Phillips(first team), Matt Green(second team). The All-county women volleyball team’s players are: Jess Smith(undecided), Gabby Pfaff(undecided), Sam Brookes (Undecided), Kirsten McManus (undecided)

     NH’s athletic honors don’t stop there.  On student earned All-State recognition.  Sophomore Will Tikiob is a dedicated runner and part of the cross country team.   So what sparked his interest in running?  Tikiob says, “My dad telling me to go out and run 5K’s with him.” Tikiob says that cross country keeps him in shape for other sports as well.

      When asked about running in the future Tikiob states, “I’m hoping to get a scholarship for running.” How does an All-state runner prepares for his meets? Tikiob says he runs on his own if cross country doesn’t have practice, if they do he runs the pre-meet workout they do.

     Other sophomores at NH are thriving this year.  Justin Gue is on All-county for the men’s soccer team. When asked how it feels to be on All-county as a sophomore he says he is “privileged to have this opportunity as a sophomore and I think it’s a big accomplishment for myself.” He says that he would like to further his career of soccer in the future and says “I will definitely play next year, it was awesome.”

    The Nest even has some All-county players who are currently committed to colleges, including senior Ryan O’Leary, who says he is “currently verbally committed to play D3 soccer with Saint Vincent College.” The senior said he is most excited for “the intensity” of playing at the collegiate level. You might wonder how these athletes play and keep their grades up. When Junior Brooke Ciampaglio says that it is kind of hard to balance school and sports and that you must have “good time management skills” to do it.


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NH athletes go the distance