Preseason training, The option is yours


    Spring sports have just started which means all athletes will have to go through the dreaded tryouts. A lot of students do rigorous pre season training to prepare for the miles they will have to run to make their desired teams, while others take their time off before the season to relax and not worry. So the question is which is the better option?

     Well, the answer is simple: whatever works best for the athlete’s performance is the best option.

    Sophomore Kara Benn is a member of the track and field team and did her own preseason training for her upcoming throwing season. She would lift weights in the gym to build up her strength.Benn says, “It helped me because I am stronger so weight lifting here is easier.”

     Similarly, junior Savannah Deiter spent her time at the beach in the summer playing volleyball. Deiter says “‘ it does help because after not doing it for a long time it kind of refreshes your memory and gives you practice before you try out.”

      However, junior Audrey Dick a tennis player. did not have preseason training available to her because her coaches did not hold any training events. She commented that “it did not affect me because you already know the motor movements from previous season. But  if you were a newcomer, preseason training would help because you don’t know what your doing but because I have already played tennis, it didn’t affect me.”

     Laura O’Leary a track and field coach believes that kids do not preseason train but they should because “it decreases the risk of injury and it prepares them for the competition of the season.”

    Another track coach Kathy Ege states “Pre-season training is definitely helpful because when they get to the actual sport and the sport begins they are that much ahead. I know at least in track, track is running the more you run the better you get, and i would imagine that it correlates to other sports. The more you hit that ball in baseball the better your gonna get. So preseason training is definitely helpful.”