Juniors learn to step up; Lack of seniors on boys soccer team

Ellie Evans, Assistant News Editor

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In the past many seniors have lead the boys Hawks soccer team to victory during their games. This year is a little bit different for them, as there are no 12th graders that will appear on the field.

Juniors such as Brennan Stewart and Cameron Laplante explain the pressure that is put onto them by being the oldest on the team. Laplante expresses this by saying, “It’s weird because I’ve always has people to look up to but now I feel an urge to take on that role.” Both players also clarified that there was also a lack of seniors last season which made it an easier transition.

Their season hasn’t been drastically different from the prior years except the increase in underclassmen on the team. The squad of eight underclassmen and nine juniors makes up for the deficit of seniority. Stewart demonstrates this by explaining, “the only thing that bothers us is getting underestimated.” He wants spectators to know that not having seniors doesn’t hinder their ability to win games.

Not having 12th graders on teams can also be a factor of students deciding to switch sports teams, the most common include switching to cross country. Although it is rare that seniors won’t tough it out for their last year, some do decide to quit and focus on their grades.

Stewart also expressed that it didn’t bother him very much to no have seniors. “As a junior, I have to make sure I’m always being mature and pushing myself to the limit so the younger players on our team will do the same,” said Stewart. Becoming a role model for the underclassmen is very important everyone on the team, especially to the coaches who include David Orth and William Wardle who are both a part of the Hawks staff.

As the season continues players plan on continuing their efforts to push aside the comments they may receive about not having older players. They do this because no matter their age or grade level, they all are running on that field for the same reason, which is their  love for soccer.


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