Volleyball teams compete for fun; Students participate in friendly after-school battle

Aleah Bikle, Reporter

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On September 28, male and female students from the varsity volleyball teams came together to compete in a friendly co-ed match!

This action-packed game allowed students from each team to showcase their best skills on the court!

This is the second year that the boys and girls varsity teams have combined to take on this fun way to celebrate their Homecoming!

Senior team captains schedule a meeting to draft their teams and pick representative names and colors.  They have the important job of making sure each position is accounted for by players.

“The event is almost similar to a Fantasy Football draft,” explains Mrs. Wendy Feight-Edmonds, NH girls varsity volleyball coach, “Once selected, senior leaders select a name for their team as well as choose a theme for their “uniform” for the day of the tournament.”

“The best part is that it’s a great way to practice and perfect skills all while having some fun,” Feight-Edmonds reveals, “It’s definitely one of my favorite days of the entire season!”

Senior captains chosen this year included Savannah Dieter and Ian Jones for the black team, Jay Dilworth and Cameron Sawyer for the white team, Mike Reaves and Alex Drumgoole for the “American” team, with Jessica Smith and Jared Hedrick for the blue team.

Participant Kayla Watkins, junior, describes her favorite part as “being able to play with the male players while combining all of our skills to give our best since we never get to play with everyone all the time.”

Blue team senior captain Jessica Smith describes her experience of the game as “a competitive game between all varsity students who may not get many chances to showcase their skills in front of different players.”  “It’s super fun and I encourage more students to get involved with the sport so that this can become a great tradition for the Hawks,” Smith continues.

Students who participated in this year’s co-ed game are already excited for the next time they get to play against opposite teams, even some of  the current seniors, who say they are sure to stop by during the tournament.

Even junior varsity players wish that the tournament was a regular part of their season, as they enjoyed watching varsity play with so much enthusiasm.    Current juniors are even more excited for next year’s game, already hinting at the themes that they plan to implement to make it one of the best yet.

Wendy Feight

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