The peak of performance:Hauf breaks vault record twice


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    At Susquehanna Divisional Championships on April 16, sophomore Darian Hauf set the NH pole vault record at 10 feet. Just over a week later, she beat her own record with 10 feet 3 inches at a meet against Edgewood and Patterson Mill, resetting the school record and her personal best again.

    Hauf first started pole vaulting last year. However, in the very beginning of the season, she broke her foot doing so. This year, she competed indoor track and started vaulting again then.

     To practice for this challenging sport, the athlete works on different drills that the coach picks out. She added that it included jumps and focusing on form. Hauf also added that she did gymnastics for 12 years and that it helps her vaulting and aids her to be a better vaulter. Because of gymnastics she already had the “natural feel for it.”       

     The sophomores added that she feel that she is in a different, positive mindset this year and that “that’s definitely helped me get to where I am.” Hauf has been “more confident and determined since last year.”

     Hauf added that she is thankful for her “amazing coach and supportive system of teammates and friends and family,” that have helped her reach her goals and even further.

Hauf added that pole vaulting is her favorite event in track. Her future goals include winning states one year.

I feel like i’m in a different mind set this year that’s definitely helped me get to where i am i’ve been more confident and determined since last year and and having that along with an amazing coach and supportive system of teammates and friends/family has gotten me farther than i could’ve imagined


When did you start pole vaulting  I started last year but in the first week in i broke my foot doing it. I did indoor this year and i started again and doing it in the meet

Did you notice that you were good from the beginning last year i didnt have any time because i was out from the beginning

How do you practice? We work on different drills each practice so it depends on  what the coach( Patrola) wants us to work on but it is a lot of jumps and working on form

What is your favorite event? Why?  Pole vaulting because i did gymnastics , i already had that natural feel for it so its fun . Its a good feeling to get over

What are your future goals for the track and field? I want to win states some year

I quit in 8th grade, so for 12 years i did gymnastics. I quit just because i hit a mental block


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