Rising seniors share thoughts for upcoming fall seasons

Emily Iampieri, Copy Editor

With the cancellation of spring sports and the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the 2020-2021 school year, many fall athletes are concerned for next year’s season. This arguably impacts rising seniors the most, seeing as they run the risk of missing their last fall season if Covid-19 continues to be a major issue entering the 2021 school year.

     Junior Noah Fish expresses his concern for his sport, football. “I don’t think it’s happening” he says, “many colleges already said they’re going online for the fall, so I don’t see how high school football would be allowed to happen.” He says that if he misses his senior season he will be “disappointed because [he] watched the seniors play last year and [he] was excited for it to be [his] time,” however the reality of coronavirus is “dawning” on him and he feels that the at-home workouts he is doing to stay in shape are becoming “pointless.”

     Junior Dani Becker shares a similar attitude for volleyball. “I’m afraid I will be losing my senior season and a chance to play the sport at all,” she says. The athlete says that she still remains hopeful, “I have high hopes that we will be back together somehow and possibly they will find a vaccine, but I am concerned we don’t have much time.” She says that missing her senior season would be very upsetting because “it’s the one thing you look forward to, going into your sport for your final year.” She says that she’d hate to miss the opportunity to meet the new girls, and emphasizes how she loves “playing the game and representing our school.”