Lack of funding in college athletic programs; Universities across U.S. cut sports teams

Alexa Falls, Reporter

Recently, major college sports teams are being cut due to the lack of funding. Many North Harford High School students enjoy watching college sports. 

      Sophomore Mackenzie Foster says that she watches college lacrosse, “I think that the money is needed,” She adds, “more money should go into college sports because it gives a better opportunity for them [college athletes] to get scouted or drafted.” 

     Foster mentions, “sports in college are a big deal so putting more money in couldn’t hurt.”  Foster also shares that, “it’s really hard to improve if you can’t’ practice with a team and learn how it all works out, but you can always practice on your own.” 

     Another NHHS sophomore, Abbey Saltzer, says that she, “will occasionally watch University of MD field hockey game[s].” Saltzer says she’ll, “sometimes catch a softball game or Penn State football game[s].” Saltzer adds onto the topic of the funding issue in college sports by saying that, “college sports are so important for so many athletes and are an essential part of their [college athletes] lifestyle.” 

     Barbara Matthews, a JV volleyball and softball coach at NHHS enjoys watching college sports as well.  She says she likes to watch, “basketball, volleyball and football.” Matthews mentions that, “there should be more funding [college sports].” She adds that, “during these hard times I think that sports are psychologically and emotionally beneficial to our students.” She says that her opinion would change if the coronavirus wasn’t impacting the world of sports, “because if we weren’t in a pandemic, students, faculty, staff, parents and relatives would all be supporting sports.”  

     Matthews adds that, “it’s important for students to continue playing sports. They should be funded if attendance needs to be cut for social distancing.” 

     According to USA Today, college athletes at Appalachian State University, one being Zion Heaven, had their sports programs cut. Heaven is a tennis player at Appalachian State University. He was told his program was cut over text. Many athletic departments have cut sports teams across the United States. “Since April, at least 18 Division I schools have dropped one or more teams,” as stated by USA Today.  

     At most universities, football is the only sport that generates profit, according to Axios News. “43 Division I teams have been eliminated in the last 12 weeks, and more than 130 programs have been cut across all NCAA levels,” says Axios News. 

     For many who enjoy watching college sports, Matthews said it best, “I love my sports and I miss them right now.” 

The University of Maryland lacrosse team beat Boston College back in the 2019 NCAA Maryland lacrosse championship. The UMD women’s lacrosse team hasn’t been cut. Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan