Students get the opportunity to play football, field hockey in college; Two students offered scholarships for skills

Erica Otte, Reporter

   North Harford High School varsity football player Kevin Halford has “been playing football since [he] was 5 years old.” He has loved the sport ever since saying, “I enjoy the team aspect of it and the brotherhood that comes with it. I enjoy the competition that comes with it, that you have to compete against another athlete every play for the whole game.”

    NHHS senior Kevin Halford “also love[s] the fan aspect of football.” He always appreciates “how the whole stands are full of fans. The band and everyone is yelling and cheering the whole game. 

    The other side of football that brings the skills and strategy to the game, requiring more thinking allows him “to game plan before the game and every week you have to do something new or learn something new about the game.” 

    In terms of what he is the best at in the sport, Halford says, “I feel like the best skills I have on offense is the ability to create holes and gaps for the running back to get through. And on defense my best skill is tackling and forcing fumbles.”

    To go with that, he has a plan to play “on D2 football” for Frostburg State University which he has already been offered several scholarships for both his academic and athletic talents.

    According to Kevin Halford, “I’ve been offered an academic offer for right now. And they are giving me a chance to get an athletic scholarship depending on how I play when I get up there.”

    The college “offered me the academic scholarship for my grades and SAT scores. And they are giving me a chance to get an athletic scholarship because of my ability as a player/ teammate right now and the leadership I bring to the team.”

    In addition, another student from North Harford High School also got the attention of Frostburg State University, however this student plays varsity field hockey rather than varsity football. Senior Lina Goetz has “been playing field hockey since [she] was in 5th grade.”

    Goetz “grew up playing lacrosse and soccer but [she] always loved field hockey more and felt like [she] succeeded more in that sport.” 

    She stated, “ I have committed to play D2 field hockey at Frostburg State University.” But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was not able to get a scholarship as planned. 

   Both of these North Harford students were recognized for their outstanding performance in their respective sports. Consequently, they received spots on the football and field hockey teams as well as Kevin Halford earning multiple scholarships – athletic and academic based.

Students Kevin Halford and Lina Goetz while playing their respective sports.