Undefeated one more game

Ben Sersen, REPORTER

     As of April 20th, 2021, the North Harford baseball club has been boasting an undefeated record throughout the season. At five wins and zero losses, the team still has thirteen more games to play, however, starting the season off undefeated helps keep the teams hopes of the perfect season alive.

     Coach Larrimore explained the team’s troubles during the preseason at the plate claiming “We need to work on our hitting but that is one of the toughest things in all sports to do.  All the time off does not help with a skill like hitting.” as well as claiming “I like what I have seen defensively and on the mound.”

     While the coach expressed his fear of a slower offensive start, the team has scored six or more runs in every game played this season, as well as scoring 13 runs in multiple games (Joppatowne, Edgewood).

     Defensively, the team has kept scoring at a minimum, only two teams have scored more than one run against our Hawks. The baseball club allowed their first score in their game against Aberdeen where they would ultimately come out victorious, winning the showcase seven runs to the Eagles five. 

     To add to the statistical success of the team, the hawks scored 13 runs in their shutout win against Joppatowne to open the season, they have only let up 12 runs throughout the entire season so far.

     Coach Larrimore has had his history in baseball, he spent his childhood growing the love of the game with his father, according to Larrimore, his father brought baseball to his life at a young age and even played baseball with him all the way up into high school. The veteran coach did not stop his love for the game after high school however, he played college baseball as well as men’s league up until his early 40’s, once retired from baseball, Larrimore took up men’s softball.

     While the practices have been limited, the experienced coaching staff at North Harford ( Larrimore, 31 years. Burrows and Heeter, 20+. Martinek, 10+) has shown through their play that they have been effective in their coaching tactics.

     Garrett Reinecke claims “we have a very good coaching staff, they know what they’re doing” when asked about the experience in their coaching staff. Reinecke also claimed “we’re just having fun and winning games, our coaches and a few players have felt this winning culture before, it’s an amazing feeling to be having fun while learning and winning.”

     Reinecke also stated “ We want to be perfect, we want the perfect season, that isn’t our focus though […] we really want to win but going out and having a season is way more impactful and enjoyable than any winning season could be”