To mock or not to mock; preferably, the second option

To mock or not to mock; preferably, the second option

Ben Sersen, REPORTER

    It’s late April meaning, terrible, wildly inaccurate mock drafts are at their peak. Sports analysts such as Colin Cowherd and Daniel Jeremiah make strides during the draft season for their continuous elaborate failures.

     Mock drafts are a fun way to predict how a team may do in terms of drafting for the year; however, most analysts just cannot predict correctly. 

     In a recent mock draft by Colin Cowherd, he planted Kyle Pitts as the pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. While Pitts is a generational talent and would definitely set the Bengals up with a good threat receiving, this pick would likely never happen. Jamarr Chase, the number one ranked receiver in the draft also happens to be Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow’s former teammate. He is one of two players slated as the Bengals pick and he is even less likely than the next man in question.

     Penei Sewell is a phenomenal talent that is a no-brainer for any team in need of a line and the Bengals sit among the top of that list. The thought that the Bengals pick a tight end (which is not a position of need for the Bengals) over a very talented wide receiver with ties to the organization, or even a left tackle sure to protect Joe Burrow’s blind side for ten or more years is absolutely ridiculous and it was only one of Cowherd’s many mistakes. 

     The Detroit Lions hold the seventh pick in the draft and their pick has sports analysts puzzled. Mock drafts by CBS and Sportscenter have the team picking lineman Rashawn Slater, other drafts often vary; however, Colin Cowherd had the team picking quarterback Trey Lance out of North Dakota state even after the trade for Jared Goff earlier in the year. 

     While Cowherd’s draft has the picking quarterback, he is not the only analyst opting away from the trenches. Mock drafts from Bleacher Report claim that the Detroit Lions will select players such as Micah Parsons as well as claiming that Penei Sewell will fall out of the top-10 picks.

     Sports analysts try year after year to find the most accurate draft, however the chances of any analyst getting higher than around 50% of picks is absolutely unheard of. The popularity and revenue generated from complete stupidity makes a person wonder how to get a job in that industry. 

     Sports analyzing has changed from statistics and accuracy to a game of popularity and opinion, the most popular analysts make more than some NFL players that they’re “analyzing”. 

     The popularity growth that some analysts have acquired due to their downright embarrassing claims and terrible “hot takes” keep them in business as it creates media buzz whether negative or not and this has become a common theme in sports news.

     The theme of underperforming at your job to get more revenue relates to someone paying a McDonald’s worker to spit in your food just to see your reaction, it is unfair to the viewer and it is plaguing the sports media mock draft culture.

     Mock drafts are a way to predict the small details of a teams future however the blatant incorrect predictions for the reason of merely standing out of the crowd is just plain stupid.