Blast from the past; Larrimore to step down as baseball coach after long career

Ben Sersen, REPORTER

     Before becoming the athletic director and a teacher  at North Harford High School, Timothy Larrimore was what some would call a high school superstar. Larrimore is a graduate of North Caroline High School in the class of 1984 and he earned the ranks of “most valuable player” in both football and baseball during his senior year.

     Larrimore started his coaching career at Bel Air High School where he had been a coach for a year until later transferring to North Harford where he has been a coach from 1990 and on.

    . Larrimore served as the JV football coach for four years before moving to varsity in 1994, replacing Lauren Lydic, Jr.

     Larrimore would go on to win Coach of the Year, not once, but four times with NH. All four were in a five year span from 2011-2015.

     The decorated coach would go on to bring North Harford their first championship, winning the 2012 Upper Chesapeake Bay Athletic Conference (UCBAC) baseball championship as well as bringing a second championship home in 2014.

     “Coaching aside, Mr. Larrimore has left a legacy far deeper than baseball or teaching,” Junior center fielder Garrett Reinecke claimed. Junior Pitcher Tim Steele agrees. “I knew about Coach before even going to North Harford. For most kids who knew they were going to North Harford, they knew his name before ever meeting him.”

     When Steele was asked about Larrimore’s impact he claimed, “His coaching has left a huge effect on me. His baseball is really similar to the way I’ve always played.”

      Steele is currently pitching under coach Larrimore and he is the only pitcher on his team that remains undefeated on the mound, Steele credits this burst in play to Larrimore, “The big thing is that I went from managing the team to pitching varsity, that’s a big deal to me at least.” 

     Reinecke also claimed, “ His coaching really taught me discipline and it has made my high school experience better since we are winning baseball games.”  He adds, “I’d just like to thank coach for everything he’s done for the school, both in and out of baseball.”

     Respected by not only by his players, Larrimore’s colleagues also had kind words to share about him. Coach Justin Martinek said, “As a former player of Mr. Larrimore and having been able to coach with him for the past 9 years, I would like to thank him for everything he has done for the baseball program. NH baseball will not be the same. Enjoy your retirement from coaching.”

     Another colleague, Coach Jeffery Burrows, had lots to say about Larrimore.“I am going to miss him a lot. He has taught me a ton;  besides my high school coach, he has taught me more about baseball than anyone I have ever met.” He added,  “I’ve been with Coach Larrimore for the last 17 years. He has been a mentor to me. He is always even keeled, very competitive though, but I have learned the benefits of keeping your composure.”

     Burrows also claimed “We have shared a lot of great memories. Together we have won a bunch of regional titles. We have had so many memorable games. I remember when we won the state semifinals in a perfect game. It was just such a great time to be with him.” 

     Burrow said one thing that he  regrets is “never getting him that state title. Out of anyone, he definitely deserves that big win. From all of the hard work he has put into this program, and even when he had played, they have come so close, but never achieved that state title. I just wish I could have helped him get there during his career.”

     Assistant coach Douglas Heeter said Larrimore “is a great coach first and foremost.”  Heeter said he came to North Harford after 13 years at another school to work with Larrimore, who he said “had a lot of different and extremely effective techniques that I have learned and picked up on, all from him.” 

     Coach Heeter added “ as a coaching staff we are extremely close knit and as far as our baseball coaching staff goes, and the sharing of time and knowledge, and that friendship is the biggest thing I took from him.”   He stated “He will definitely be missed from the program….”