Girls basketball bouncing their way into victory


     Block. Slam. Dunk. The girls varsity basketball team has played 10 games this season and as of 1/12, they have a 5-5 record. 

     Claire Moffit, the only freshman on varsity, wears jersey number 1. Even though she was hoping to get number two in honor of both of her cousins, she couldn’t because of an outside issue with the jerseys. 

     “My favorite memory of the season so far definitely was winning against CMW, because after the game we all were so excited and hugging each other. It was a really great moment,” Moffit says. 

     The season so far has been going okay according to Moffit, but because several players were unable to play due to Covid, it affected the team’s performance overall.  

      Junior Grace Underwood is another member of the basketball team. To prepare for her games, she tries to listen to good “pump up” music to get her energy up. Underwood says this season has been great so far and believes as a team, they have lots of talent. 

     She feels the team needs to implement it and bring it all together. “We need to build an even stronger bond in order to connect with one another on the court,” Underwood explains. This season especially, her confidence has grown which has positively impacted her game play. 

     Senior team captain Laynie Sheahy has been playing basketball for around eight years. “I have played AAU for six years and my main team was N4E. I have played varsity for the high school since my sophomore year and I am a captain my senior season,” she shares. 

    Her best memory of the season so far is beating C. Milton Wright during an away game and making two three point shots right in front of the student section. She says the team played a good game as a team and it was a great first win.

   Even though Sheahy feels so far the team has had an on and off season with their performances, they’ve been growing together. “We are 5-5 but I am confident that we will improve by the end of the season and come together as a team. I think that my performance overall has been good,” she says. 

     It’s Sheahy’s last season of high school basketball and for the remaining time they have together, she wants everyone to have fun and be a team. She’s been playing basketball for around 8 years and has loved being part of the team.