Running right into varsity boys lacrosse; Team prepares for stiff competition


     This year’s boys varsity lacrosse season has just started and seniors Nate Priebe, John Allred, Luke Phillips, Tony Dellarose, and junior Kian Pucher all have a lot to say about it. 

     Allred, Priebe, and Dellarose have been playing since they were five, meanwhile, Philips and Pucher have less experience with the sport. They also play different positions on the field. Priebe plays attack, Allred is on mid   field, Dellarose plays LSM [long stick middie] and both Philips and Pucher play  defensive mid.

     Although Phillips plays defensive mid, he says he would love to try and play LSM or even attack. 

     Phillips says, “I think we just have the best group of hard-working guys which makes our team strong, and we never give up.” Allred adds, “I think we are actually going to be pretty successful this season.” 

     Priebe agrees with Allred and says, “and if we play like how we are supposed to play then yeah, we are going to have a good season.”  

     Phillips commented that “We just have to go out there and be us and taste the blood in the water. We have to be predators.” 

    The boys team has a couple of “rival” teams that they would love to beat, including Fallston, CMW and Bel Air.  

     Priebe, Phillips and Dellarose all want to “absolutely beat” CMW, meanwhile Allred and Pucher want to beat Bel Air the most.  

     Unfortunately, March 26 was the last time the senior boys got to play Fallston.  Pucher says, “the game against Fallston was a fluke,” Phillips added “we were just in our heads and did not have one of our best players.” 

     All the boys say they hope to work on their movement in the game and keeping the ball moving. Priebe says, “I really think we need to work on our energy going into a game and we can’t be in our heads before we play, we also can’t throw the ball away as soon as we get it, and we need to make smart passes.”

     Priebe continues “we really need to start running up the field when the ball is there and not walk up the field. It is a running game and we need some of our players to understand that.”  Allred agrees.  “Our team can’t just die midway through the game, we need to keep our momentum going,” Priebe concludes.