Tennis season in full swing; New coaches up player’s ante

The team will play 14 matches this year; the first match is at home against C. Milton Wright. The teams record was 5-7 last year.

USA Today

The team will play 14 matches this year; the first match is at home against C. Milton Wright. The team’s record was 5-7 last year.

Emily Johnson, IDR Editor

     The tennis team’s 2023 season has begun, and the stakes are much higher than the past years. Students from all grades tried out for the teams, and there were no cuts made. Both teams also have new coaches as well.

     The teams practice every day, from 3pm to 5pm. They begin with running a mile, either around the school property or on the track. Then, they stretch their muscles and begin drills. Each day, they work on different things, such as backhand or forehand, serving, and volleys. Players can also challenge the person that is ranked one spot higher than them during practice, in an attempt to move up the ladder.

     Junior and foreign exchange student Baptiste Chone has been playing tennis for five years, and has missed playing since the beginning of his year in the U.S. “ [He is] really excited about the tryouts” and is also excited to play matches against other schools here. Chone usually plays singles as opposed to doubles, because he “doesn’t like to rely on someone else” when playing. “[He] is best at backhand and volleys,” but isn’t always consistent in plays. At the moment, he doesn’t have any expectations for the team, but still wants “everybody to try their best, even if it doesn’t bring a win for the team.” Chone also played soccer and occasionally ran back in France.   

     Sophomore Emma Clayton played on the varsity team last year, and will be joining them yet again. She was ranked number five. She hopes that the team will continue to improve their skills over the duration of this season. Clayton is “nervous for tryouts but definitely excited for the season.” She normally played third girls singles, but occasionally played doubles as well; she prefers singles between the two. “Looking at the schedule, [she thinks] we will have nine wins and five losses this year.”

     Varsity coach Mr. Bryant Siegfried has played tennis since he was 14, and coached “on and off since [he] was a junior in college” as well. He also created a co-ed tennis club at Shippensburg University. This is his first year coaching at North Harford. Siegfried grew up playing tennis and often attended the US Open in NYC with his family. His favorite part of coaching is “watching a player develop in their skills and abilities.” He believes it is “extremely rewarding” when their hard work pays off.   

     The varsity team will have an assistant coach as well, Mr. Carey Webb. The JV team will be coached by Mr. Mike Francis.

     Siegfried commented that next year, the team will have many returning players, and if they practice all year, “we will be a force to reckon with.”