Tryouts nearing as school year ends; Students plan to prepare for August

STELLA MANNS, Sports Editor

Fall sports are set to start on Aug. 9. Sports including field hockey, soccer, football, cross country, and volleyball are all preparing to start now for the fall season. 

     A freshman member of the cross country team, Julianna D’Alto, is planning to prepare herself for the fall through individual and team training. She plans to do some “strength conditioning” individually to better herself for the season. 

     Over the summer, the cross country team plans to meet “three times a week at different trails and parks and do workouts and long runs together” according to junior James Ortt. Individually, Ortt is “running everyday” or “sometimes twice a day” along with recovery and stretching. He usually tries to run in the morning, but if Ortt does not have the motivation to do that he will, “wait until the evening.” The junior added that the team plans to host “some bonding” events, along with going to “IHOP or DQ after a hot run.”

     Field hockey is also joining in on preparing for tryouts as a team. Even though the team does not host conditioning, according to junior Grace Conklin, some of her teammates, as well as herself, make conditioning schedules to follow. Summer sevens, “is seven v. seven field hockey,” and players are grouped on teams with “the people from” the team “last year.”

     For junior Korynn Sims, “since there is not going to be a designated” conditioning schedule for the team, she plans to ask her current track coach for a “distance oriented” schedule. 

     Sophomore Mady Smick, who is planning to return to play soccer in the fall for a third year, plans to “run on the treadmill” and participate in the TopFlight 11v11 summer league. Smick will be present at the scheduled team conditionings when she can make it.

      For boys soccer, juniors Sean Babiak and Matthew Siedlecki both plan to participate in conditioning over the summer. Babiak added that the team also does “a camp at Gettysburg” over the summer. Siedlecki said that over the summer, the team plans to come to the school “once or twice a week” to run and condition. The Hawks will have two six v. six TopFlight teams, according to Siedlecki as well. 

     Football will host non-mandatory conditioning and training sessions, according to sophomore Drew Keener. Keener believes that if players show up to the sessions they will “most likely” have a better chance of making the team. The sophomore expected to partake in “weightlifting, sprints, and running.” 

     Junior Wyatt Canapp said that the football team plans to have seven v. seven, touch football teams where they “play against other schools” to prepare the Hawks for the fall season. Even though Canapp is not sure exactly how many days he will be at the school over the summer, along with the team, he knows that they plan to do “sprints and be in the weight room.”