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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

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Beating old personal records Winter track wins 3, 7 place at meet

  Bohemia Manor, Edgewood, North East, Patterson Mill, Perryville, Rising Sun, and North Harford all have one thing in common: All participated in the indoor track meet on Jan. 13, with girls winning third place at the meet, and the boys winning seventh place.

    The team had lots of new personal records for races; these include juniors Grace Bauer and Cael Sims PR’s  in the 500 race (1:19 for Sims and 1:34 for Bauer). Senior Korynn Sims’ PR in 300 with 47.51 seconds, as well as two new PR’s for junior Eden Hussung in 300 (1.31) and 800 (2.38). 

     Coach and ag teacher Mrs. Laura O’Leary shares that winter track is commonly called indoor track, when the only time the team is actually indoors is when there is a meet.  Sharing the misunderstanding between the titles of indoor track and winter track, and the limited participants because of the season, she says, “We are never indoors except to compete, which is kind of crazy. Lots of people don’t want to come out when it’s really cold and run.” 

      On team effort, O’Leary says that the strongest abilities of the team are “having a diverse [set] of kids who can do a diverse [set] of events.” She adds that, “We have the best ability to score points because of the diverse [set] of events we fill.” Sophomore Kendall Chandler says, “I think the biggest strength of the team is the camaraderie we have. I also know as a dual athlete, I am not always in practice; however, every time I am with the team, it feels like coming back to a family and it’s one of the most amazing things about the team.” Sophomore Reese Conklin says that “working as a team  in relay races and coming together as a team and doing our best,” are the team’s largest strengths.

     Chandler also shares that she got her passion for track and field from her older sister. “She convinced me to do a little bit of running with her and I fell in love with it.” She added that, “in addition to her support, I was inspired to run track by the coach and athletes who  encouraged and motivated me to find joy in the sport.” 

     O’Leary explains that she got her passion for coaching from the fact that,  “I just like being with teenagers; you guys give me my passion for doing these things that I do!” 

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