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End of season for girls lacrosse;

Senior night ends in 15-6 win

     Girls lacrosse is under new coaching this year; for both JV and Varsity players it was a new experience. The new head coach of Varsity, Ms. Haley Ford and the new assistant varsity coach, Mrs. Stacy Soul.  JV also got a new coach, Mrs. Sam Preston who was coached by Haley Ford when she was in club lacrosse. Coach Ford is also the daughter of North Harfords safety security liaison Mrs. Renee Ford. 

     On Friday, April 26, the girls had their senior night followed after the JV girls won 13-2 against Harford Tech. Then the seniors played Harford Tech, winning 12-4  against them. So far, the record for the girls is five wins and seven losses. The last game for the girls was Friday, May 3, which they won 10-7.

     On April 26, the girls celebrated their seniors Izzy Moxham, Caroline Nicholson, Kayla Doll, and Caitlyn Travagline. The players walked across the field and had a speech written for the seniors and their families. 

     Senior Kayla Doll has been playing lacrosse for eight years, and she specializes in defense. She walked with her “mom, dad, and sister, Madison.” Regarding the game, she adds, “We all went into the game with a positive mindset and I think that helped us win for all of us.” 

     The team won by eight points, helping get a win for the girls 6-7 score record, winning six games out of total 13. Doll says, “I enjoyed the season. We went into it with an entirely new team, and yet we all became so close within the span of two months,” following this with “They really are my sisters.”

     The girls started their playoff tournament at Overlea High School, playing Overlea on Wednesday, May 7. Overlea is in Baltimore, and is ranked 102 out of 236 sports. They have a rating of B-, according to According to this website, North Harford is ranked 88 out of 236 and has a B+ for sports. 

     Senior Caroline Nicholson is a draw specialist and attack member on the team. She has been playing for 11 years total, and her senior walk was with “My mom, dad, and two younger sisters.” She chose to walk with them because “they have been there for me my whole life and helped me become the person and lacrosse player I am today.” 

     During the walk Nicholson’s speech was about her high school accomplishments and how she would like to be remembered by the school and those in it. Nicholson is continuing her lacrosse career and is verbally committed to Lander Women Lacrosse, which competes in the Gulf South and is Division 2. Nicholson says, “Being a part of a team during school is an easy way to develop new friendships, and I always wanted to be like D1 lacrosse players.” 

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