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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

  • YES (92%, 60 Votes)
  • NO (8%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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Dog sitting, grooming:Taking care of dogs in Harford County

Fuzzy friends can now be dog-sat by senior Brooke Simms or groomed by agriculture teacher Mrs. Aimee Densmore in the small animal science class. If you are in need of some help with four-legged friends, then look no further than North Harford.

     Simms dog-sitting service operates all year long but gets most of her clients during summer or holidays. For only $25- $30 per job, anyone can have your played with and fed with care given by Simms. She found her interest in pet-sitting because animals “have always been my thing and the thing that interests me; for me, pet sitting is useful and fun.” Simms’ favorite dogs to pet-sit are corgis and labs. She also added that her favorite thing about pet-sitting is to “see the animals be happy and get cared for.”

    However, if anyone’s  furry friend is in need of grooming, leave it to North Harford’s small animal science class to get pups looking fresh in a new cut. Junior Meredith Coakley helps groom dogs and she says her inspiration for caring for dogs is that she “always had dogs and cats in the house when growing up, so that induced chores like cleaning up after them and feeding them.” 

     Coakley  added that she was excited when she “found out that part of the class could include grooming for the small animals.” According to Coakly, the small animal science program makes sure the dogs that are brought into NHHS get properly taken care of by making sure they are put in their respective crates and then during each class period they are taken out into the courtyard to be walked and played with. 

    They  are also taught how to properly handle dogs, such as how to retain a dog for things such as getting its nail trimmed or ear cleaned. If there is an incident where a dog nips or growls, they will take the safety procedure of muzzling the dog or using a cone or extra hands to restrain the dog for the safety of the student and the animal. Coakley added that her favorite breeds to work with are German shepherds. 

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