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Teacher becomes nationally board certified; Hemling achieves her goal

     Music teacher Ms. Katelyn Hemling is out to achieve her goal of being nationally board certified. She says, “I have my bachelor’s and master’s degree, and so this feels like an appropriate next step in my career, to go ahead and get this or attempt to get this certification.”

     The certification is one of the highest certifications someone can get as a teacher, according to Hemling. 

     She says, “I have always been a firm believer of learning forever, and I really like school, so this is kind of like going back to school for a little bit; that’s really why, and it is incentivized as well, so I get a pay raise.”

     A pay raise is not the only benefit that comes with being nationally board certified, according to, “board-certified teachers are recognized as experts, they are often sought out for leadership positions in their school districts.” continues to state, “in significant numbers, NBCTs serve as team leaders, department chairs, and instructional coaches. Many NBCTs move on to serve as school and district administrators or within the state department of education.”

     Getting nationally board certified consists of four components, and people in search of this achievement have “quite a few years to go ahead and attempt all four of them,” says Hemling. She will be doing it over the course of four years. 

    Hemling shares, “each component focuses on a different aspect of teaching. Component one is an exam that tests you on your knowledge of the content area. Component two focuses on differentiating instruction, which is how you teach to the multitude of learners and a variety of skill levels in your classes.”

     She continues, “and then components three and four really focus on your ability to self-reflect, to edit and change your teaching practices, and how involved you are in your community and school overall.” 

     Hemling says, “it’s a lot of writing. Each component has at least twelve-page reflective essays that go along with it, as well as recording yourself teaching.”

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