Simply satisfying

Cassidy Chandler, Features Editor

There is no set in stone reason as to why we find certain slime or sand videos satisfying, but psychologists say that things like this tap into a part of our subconscious and it gives us a “just right feeling.”

The part of our minds that change when we feel or see something satisfying is the same thing that goes wrong in people who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). When people with OCD have a task to complete, they never feel like the job is quite done, so they search endlessly for a sense of completion.

This is what we feel when we watch these satisfying videos:  completion, which psychologists say is somewhat a need.

Jessica Gall Myrick, a media psychologist at The Pennsylvania State University said that some people are not aware of their stress level.

In an interview with Live Science, Myrick said, “even if you don’t consciously realize you’re stressed, your body is aware that you’re stressed or physiologically aroused.”

Another reason that people are so drawn towards these videos could be due to the fact that most of them display nearly perfect symmetry. There is no scientific proof why we enjoy symmetry, but most agree with this opinion. Cutting sand in perfect squares is soothing. These videos are be satisfying for their aesthetic value too.

After days of stress and chaos, it is no wonder that these videos are indeed so satisfying. It can be reassuring to see order, control. So next time you are feeling overly worried or nervous, pull out your cell phone and look up some #oddlysatisfying videos.