Carson Scholarship fund awarding student

Charlotte McElwain, Social Media Coordinator

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 Each year, schools are invited to nominate a single student to represent them as a Carson Scholar.  This year, junior Hailey Deares was selected submitting her resume to the guidance department.

 Deares is an AP student and while academics are a part of her qualifications, the Carson program looks heavily at a student’s entire experience including extracurricular involvement.  As a sophomore, Deares started the Sign Language Club and she currently works as the Student, Society, and Cultures Editor of The Cry of the Hawk. Her list of community work in school includes aiding in different classes and working as a student aid for Mr. Ryan Bayne’s 9th grade government class.

   Bayne has know Deares for the past 3 years after teaching her in ninth grade and having her  currently in AP psychology. Part of the application process involves securing letter of recommendations.  Deares asked Bayne to write a letter of recommendation for her Carson scholars application, in which he said that “Hailey works extremely hard, she’s very determined, and she shows an unusual amount of self motivation.”  Bayne added that, “she sets a really good example everyone in class and she brings a lot to the class through her work ethic.”

Another teacher who has known Deares for her entire high school career is French teacher Madame Artist, who also wrote the junior a recommendation.

     Deares’ hard work is about to pay off, “I work really hard in all my classes and it is really nice to be recognized for it.” But, Deares will not find out if she is actually awarded the scholarship until March VIA letter. “Even if I don’t get the award, it is still really cool to be eligible in the first place.”  

        According to the website,  “The Carson Scholars Fund awards $1,000 college scholarships to students in grades 4-11 who excel academically and are dedicated to serving their communities.”  If Deares is selected, she also will be awarded an Olympic-sized medal and a trophy.