Spotlight on student baker

Testerman takes on tasty foods

Aleah Bikle , Editor

    Kylee Testerman is a sophomore and student baker at the Nest. Those who know her and even those who don’t would be able to tell that baking is a crucial part in her life, with her schedule being swallowed up by countless foods classes. 

    Testerman said she has been obsessed with baking since she was a five years old, following in the footsteps of her mother, who Testerman says stirred her interest in baking. “When I was really little, my mom would always be baking some delicious treats or cooking something special for dinner. One day, she let me help her get the ingredients ready, prepare the food, and set the table for the family,” Testerman says. 

     After assisting her mother with baking and assembling meals boiled over, Testerman decided to venture off on her own, practicing baking the foods she was interested in making herself. “I taught myself the basics of food preparation and searched which recipes I thought I could handle,” Testerman explains. 

    Testerman says her favorite part of baking is “the ability to put your own little spin on traditional recipes. It’s fun to find which techniques you can master and what foods you are capable of making.” 

     Testerman said she is proud of advancing as a baker in a short amount of time. “I’d say that the thing that I am most proud of making would have to be these strawberry macaroons that I made for my sister’s baby shower. They are probably the hardest thing to make aside from souffles.” To those who are new to the baking world, the budding baker says the most important thing to remember is to “take your time, but do not be afraid to try new things, even if you think you can’t master them right away.” 

     Now, Testerman has an overflowing amount of mastered recipes under her apron and is excited for her future, where she hopes to pursue baking full-time. “I’m definitely wanting to go into the baking and culinary fields for college. It’s something I truly enjoy,” Testerman explains.      

     “I’m glad that I got the opportunity to bake and cook in my household. Baking is definitely my favorite out of the two, but cooking has a special place in my heart also. The food industry is truly for me,” Testerman emphasizes. Had it not been for her mother asking for some extra help in the kitchen, Testerman’s future may not have been forever changed, defining her passion for baking.