Covid-19 creates new business opportunities for crafty kids

Emily Iampieri, Copy Editor

     Senior Natasha Sherinsky makes and sells her own face masks to protect people in public. “My mom and I just had extra material and my aunt had asked us to make some for the hospital she works at so we found a pretty simple pattern and started cutting out material. The pattern is really simple, just a piece of fabric folded in half and then pleated so it can fit on a face. My mom and I work together making batches. I’ll cut and fold and she’ll see and then we will switch and do the opposite. After we made about 60 face masks for the hospital we figured we could make a little extra cash by selling them and also help people by providing pretty cheap masks. We sell them for $5 if they have the ties but $7 if it has elastic just because it’s hard to find elastic now since everyone is making masks.”