Quarantine keeps seniors from taking college tours; Some seniors struggle to make the final decision.


For many seniors a tour of the college campus is a big factor in the decision-making process. Due to the current circumstances the opportunity to have these experiences were taken away. Fortunately, colleges have created alternative ways to give incoming students to get similar experiences. 

     Many schools have uploaded a prerecorded tour on sites like You Visit for students to get a general feel of the campus. Senior Taylor Holliger says, “I used youvisit to see campuses and I looked at more tours and different insights to life on campus and classes off of the links for their accepted students.” 

     Senior, Alexis Bultman says Widner and UMBC were the two colleges she was narrowed down to. She said both of their websites had pre recorded videos to watch. Bultman added that UMBC had many zoom meetings that you could join depending on the area you were accepted for and for the specific questions you had. 

  Holliger says she had the chance to view two of her four schools, McDaniel and Lebanon valley because her sisters go to them. She adds “I love those schools so much. But they always say you can’t make your decision without stepping on campus and you know if it feels right and everything and I never even got the chance with York and Virginia Wesleyan.” 

  Bultman said “originally when I was looking for colleges the campus was a big deal for me. I did not feel that the videos of the campus were not as pretty as if it was in person because you don’t get the feeling of the people around you. I visited the schools in person before everything happened, so I did get to experience it in person because it is important to me.” 

     Because incoming students cannot get a feel for the campus other deciding points have arisen. Holliger says “making sure the school has a good education program has always been a top priority but now I also am researching more on just the general life there including events they usually have and things like that since I won’t be able to get all of that information on a visit.” 

  Senior Brennan Stewart says that his freshman orientation was cancelled but they have planned to have it in June in an online version, so the students can still get the experience. 

Senior Maddie Kramer says “I visited and chose my college last fall. however, I was hoping to go to accepted student’s day April 4 but it was cancelled. I think the next time I’m visiting is when I move in.” 

  Holliger gives advice for students dealing with the same thing as her saying “Just to keep your head up. Everything will work out in the end. It may seem stressful now, but you’ll make the right decision.”