Student athletes soar above others; Varsity players anticipated becoming Iron Hawks

STELLA MANNS, Sports Editor

Varsity sports are the goal for many athletes, however, these teams only select the best of the best. Often, freshmen do not make the roster, however, in rare cases an elite few do.   

     Athletes who participate in four years on varsity in any given sport are called Iron Hawks. NH has several players who are already trying to attain this goal.  This year, they include freshmen Jenna Trzeciak, Reagan Cadden, and Lukas Smithson. These freshmen all made the varsity teams for their sport and without knowing were put in the running to receive the name during their senior year.

     Trzeciak made the varsity softball team this spring season. Even though the season had “a lot of challenges” she agrees that varsity has made her into a better player who seeks to play the sport in college.

     Student athlete Cadden is one of the newest girls varsity lacrosse members. Cadden thought that being on varsity “was good for her.” She agrees with Trzieack that being on a varsity sport has been beneficial for her as a player. The freshman plans to return next spring for another season. 

        Varsity football kicker, Smithson started his freshman season surrounded by his team of juniors and seniors. Smithson dubbed his debut season, “nerve racking” but still “exciting.” Smithson felt like a part of the large football family and is ready to make his way out on the turf for his second time. 

     Tenth grade student Mackenzie Dunaway has made the varsity softball team her freshman and sophomore years. Dunaway felt very welcomed when she entered the team. “The higher level” she played at seemed “to keep her in the game.” She wants any freshman who makes a varsity team to know that even if you mess up, “no one really cares”, and just to be confident in your skills. 

        Lacrosse and football junior Owen Smith had been on varsity for his respective sports the past three years. Smith has always felt like a part of the family of his sports and sees lacrosse in his college future. For freshmen who get the privilege to play a varsity sport, he wants them to know the best tool is to “have faith in your skills” and just like Dunaway said, to be confident.