Sweating away school stress for free; Gym offers summer membership to teens

 Gyms are beginning to fill back up post-Covid outbreaks. Many high schoolers lacked physical activity in the past two years.

Photo Credit: Planet Fitness

Gyms are beginning to fill back up post-Covid outbreaks. Many high schoolers lacked physical activity in the past two years.

Emily Johnson, IDR Editor

Calling all busy bees who are already preparing for the summer and fall sports seasons. You’re in luck! Planet Fitness is offering a free summer gym membership to teens across the United States and Canada.

  The membership allows you free access to one specific Planet Fitness location for free, starting May 16 and running through August 31. Anybody ages 14-19 can sign up, and those under 18 just need parent permission.

  Signing up is simple. Their website has a link for the High School Summer Pass, and registration takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Afterwards, all that’s needed to access the pass is their app downloaded to your mobile device. The app has features that tell you how crowded your club is, virtual tours, and workouts for beginners, gym rats, and everyone in between.   When signing up for this pass, you’re also automatically entered in a scholarship giveaway.

Sophomore Kaylin McCoy took advantage of this opportunity and signed up for the program. She’s gone “…about three times, for about an hour each…” so far, and it’s been very crowded each time. Everybody seems very friendly and helps each other out too.  

   Freshman Colin Moore is a regular member at this gym, so he offered insight as to what you can expect when working out here. According to Moore, the environment is “…really chill and everybody’s nice to each other…”and judgment free as well, as promised by the company itself. The ninth grader also said that for cleanliness procedures, “…you just have to wipe down the machine when you’re done…” for the safety and health of others.

  This program is being promoted by singer, songwriter and actor, McKenna Grace. This 15-year-old is partnered with the company because “Fitness is important to me.” It’s helped her de-stress and keep a positive attitude. She believes that Planet Fitness’s pass is a great opportunity for teens to get moving in a “…safe and welcoming environment”.

  According to prnewswire.com, less than 15% of teens met the daily physical activity recommendations during the pandemic.  Advocates of the Planet Fitness initiative believe this chance to use gym equipment and resources as frequently as wanted will hopefully motivate teens to take action for results and future opportunities. Science proves that exercise also releases endorphins, so moving will help to attain positive feelings, alleviating and/or reducing depression, especially in teenagers.