Book club continues meetings; This month’s themes, reads


NH’s book club continues their meetings this month bringing in a new theme. Members of the club meet in the school’s library to discuss their books, the theme of March being Fantasy. 

     Book club is currently being run by special education teacher Mrs. Monica Pattison. Book club is an opportunity for students to read a book in the given theme and discuss the books they have read with peers. Previous themes from this year and previous years include horror, historical fiction, and colors. Senior Liam Armiger said the first book he read for book club this year was The Haunting of Hill House for the theme of horror. Armiger said the book was “alright, but it wasn’t very scary. It had these four people go into a haunted house intentionally to document if it was actually haunted.” Also for the theme horror, junior Emily Vaughn chose The Shining by Stephan King. Vaughn said she wanted a break from fantasy, and that she liked the book although it was “super graphic.” 

     For the fantasy theme this month, Armiger chose The Hobbit. Armiger said he enjoyed the book as, “the whole story is about an everyday guy who doesn’t ever want to do something unordinary, but then he gets caught up in a vast adventure with elves and dragons and all sorts of fantasy tropes.” Vaughn says the book she chose this month is the Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson. She enjoyed the theme this month, as it’s what she usually reads. The junior has already finished her book, as well as the sequel, and plans to read the prequel series next.  

     Some books recommended by Pattison for the theme were The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco, The Wendy Project by Melissa Jane Osborne, A Million Junes by Emily Henry and Burn by Patrick Ness. 

     Overall, students really like the club. Armiger said it has been pretty fun but that he wished the meetings were more regular. Vaughn agrees, saying she really enjoys book club. Vaughn continues saying, “it was so much fun spending time with everyone and Mr. Ott, and being able to talk about books with people who love books just as much as me.” Vaughn says she enjoyed the February meeting with Pattison and hopes to get to know her and everyone else better. The club’s next meeting will be held on Friday, March 24, during Hawks Soar.