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Orchestra students come together;

String Day takes place at NHHS

 Elementary, middle school, and high school orchestra students came together to put on a performance and get conducted by their future orchestra teachers on Tuesday, March 12.

     There’s a lot that goes on during String Day, including a performance in the evening and practice during the day. “We helped out with the middle schoolers and we also played with them,” said sophomore Jzaleilah Barroquillo. Barroquillo has been playing violin for five years. Along with this year, she also participated in String Day during freshman year and eighth grade. 

     “On String Day, the middle school and (typically) five elementary schools come over to the high school to get a taste, especially the fifth and eighth, of what high school or middle school directing would be like,” explained junior Amelia Joyner, who plays double bass. “Afterwards, the middle schoolers stay for lunch and ask questions to the high schoolers about anything related to high school,” continued Joyner.

     Joyner has a unique situation regarding the amount of years she has played the bass. “So, for about five years, I played the violin, but in September of my sophomore year, I switched to the bass,” stated Joyner. Joyner has technically been in orchestra for seven years, but has only been playing the bass for about a year and a half. 

     Barroquillo says her favorite thing about String Day was “probably when we played so that we could show off to the middle schoolers.” Along with being a Barroquillo, sophomore violinist Kai Momongan said his favorite part was “definitely playing with the middle schoolers.” 

     “My favorite thing is talking with the middle schoolers and seeing their mindsets on high school,” stated Joyner. The middle schoolers got to learn more about high school, which can help make their transition smoother. “I remember how I felt going to a different school in a different state and not knowing anyone, but since it was [during] Covid, I didn’t have what the current middle schoolers have,” explained the bassist.

     For String Day, elementary school, middle school, and high school orchestra students put on a concert in the evening. “I think it was okay. I mean, we could have done a lot better, but… it is what it is,” said Barroquillo. “To me, the performance wasn’t bad; I think we could’ve just been a lot clearer,” added Momongan. For him, this is his second String Day.

     The high school students get to watch the elementary and middle school students perform as well. Momongan thought the younger students’ performance was “pretty funny.” “It was interesting,” added Barroquillo. 


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