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Dr. Kim butchers faces; Seeking out anonymous plastic surgeon

        An anonymous plastic surgeon known as Dr. Kim has recently gone viral on TikTok with 239.2k followers for his so-called “face lifts.”

        An average face lift costs around $9,281, but for Dr. Kim, they cost $50,000. According to, “Clips show typical looking middle-aged people, followed by a video of their face around a week after surgery, with their skin appearing to be very tightly pulled back.” 

     The website continues, “each of his videos show a before-and-after photo of a patient’s procedures, usually facelifts and eyelid procedures like epicanthoplasty and blepharoplasty — which both aim to remove extra skin and bags around a patient’s eyes.”

     Many people aren’t happy with these posts. says, “many users of the popular video-sharing platform are convinced that Dr Kim is either one of the world’s worst plastic surgeons or that his account is some kind of joke.”

      Comments under Kim’s videos read, “all of them are so terrifying, it makes me want to cry for some reason, they kind of look scary and uncanny valley.”Another says, “Looks like he’s being suffocated with a clear plastic bag.” Many are asking, “Does anyone have any info /context on this surgeon?”

      Attempts have been made to get more information on and track down Dr Kim. Investigations “link them to separate clinics in Shanghai and Seoul, [but] their identity is still unknown.” says

     Not only are TikTok users questioning these surgeries, but other surgeons have also questioned the account’s validity and techniques. 

     A poll done on Instagram asks, “What are your thoughts about Dr Kim on TikTok?” Responses are a mix of “Absolutely terrifying,” “Scary,” “ICKY,” “He’s for real making whole new people,” “The  man is not a real doctor,” and “crazy.”  

     Senior Megan Hauer says, “his medical license needs to be taken away.” Sophomores Marissa Hash and MiKayla Sunderhaus say that the police should get involved with this situation since the person is anonymous and is doing “scary” facelifts. Sunderhaus says “they should, because he is doing the people dirty.”

     On the other hand, sophomore Victoria Roemer says that “it depends if the people are unhappy with their results.” But all the girls do agree that Dr. Kim should not have a job. 

     Roemer says, “I think he is doing these surgeries in his basement.” The other girls agree with her. 


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