Stress impacts students: Finding balance is key

Kimberly Allen, Reporter

     School is stressful at times for students. Constant stress can lead to things such as high blood pressure, headaches, emotional problems such as anxiety, and many other issues on the brain and body. What causes stress in students?  

      Mark Filiaggi, history teacher said, “I see students that get very upset about missing work or making up work. You can tell that they have a certain level of anxiety about it. I even see stress in things like some students preferring to have paper when all the work is on the computer.” 

     Start small with your schoolwork and do one thing at a time. If you start to feel overwhelmed, reach out to your teachers, they are there to help. It is also normal and healthy to take breaks when you need to. Rest in small breaks is important to recharge both mentally and physically. Stress is a part of life in high school, but it is crucial to learn ways to manage your stress so that you can continue a successful path.