Students react to Her Loss; Drake releases new album

Jack O'Conner, Reporter

      On Nov. 4, Drake dropped a controversial and widely debated album, Her Loss. Drake features 21 Savage and Travis Scott in this album in a range of songs.

      Reviews range widely, from some people hating it, to others loving it. Sophomores Yahey Eid, Bode Evans, and Sebastian Rico have all listened to the album and claim that the album is “mid” or less than impressive.

      Evans says, “Her Loss was okay. There were some decent songs and some not-so-decent ones, but I’d say overall [it was] just kind of okay.” Evans is well-versed in this genre of music, as he listens to it frequently.

      Eid agrees with Evan’s assessment and adds that “Drake could have done better,” while sophomore Calvin Maron says, “It’s the best album I’ve ever listened to, hands down. Maybe even the best in the world.” And Rico added, “Nah, that’s all I’ve got to say. That album sucks.”

      Students have wildly different opinions on Her Loss and have rarely agreed on its rating. Evans, Eid, and Rico all agree that 21 Savage carried the album. Each studnets’ response also involved 21 being a leading cause in its success and him being one of the only good things about it. This makes sense, considering 21’s known popularity in his features, said by Rico as being almost more enjoyable in those features than in his own singles.

       With almost no comments on Travis Scott, he was essentially forgotten under the massive wave of Drake’s part in his album. Eid called Drake “zesty and wacky.” Which, in some of the songs he was, and nearly every student agrees with. 

       The internet’s reaction to Her Loss was huge, with almost the same reactions. Memes about Drake and 21 Savage have circled the web and been featured in TikTok sounds, Instagram posts, tweets, and much more.

      Even the girl on the album cover isn’t safe. People on the internet are tracking her down, finding out who she is, where she is, and almost everything about her. Qui Yasuka, a Vietnamese model who doubles as an influencer on social media, wasn’t too hard to find and became a massive part of the debate around the album.

      Despite the controversy around Drake’s album, the songs and samples were used to create a very interesting and unique vibe. The album has made its mark, whether that’s good or bad, and has affected anyone and everyone who has listened to it.