Chernobyl visits continue in 2023; Current state of radioactive zone questioned


While Chernobyl, Ukraine, still remains a very large radioactive site, people can still visit in 2023. However,  visitors will have to bring many additional items than a normal international trip.

     The Chernobyl incident happened on April 26, 1986. The number four reactor was being operated by inadequately trained personnel, and according to,The resulting steam explosion and fires released at least [five percent] of the radioactive reactor core into the environment, with the deposition of radioactive materials in many parts of Europe.” Two of the plant workers died due to the explosion, and 28 people died in the following weeks due to acute radiation syndrome, which causes irradiation of the entire body by a high dose of penetrating radiation in a very short period of time. 

     According to, over 350,000 people were evacuated as a result of the accident. Chernobyl is now safe enough to visit with lower radiation levels. According to, you can go visit, but with very strict regulations,” and that “it is only possible to visit the Exclusion Zone with an official Chernobyl guide.” In the 1,000 square mile exclusion zone, visitors are constantly monitored. 

     According to, several safety precautions are needed to preserve the highest level of safety.” They mention that, “Full-body sanitation suits, face masks, gloves, or other safety equipment are not required to visit,” but it is recommended that you have a personal dosimeter-radiometer on you. The monitor records the radiation level around you and “compiles your comprehensive dose of radiation at the end of your trip.” 

     Keeping these things in mind while on a trip, the many infamous places you can go and visit are on a long list. One of the most noticeable is the amusement park. In Pripyat, the amusement park was never used by families as it had just finished construction when the explosion happened. Other places include the Duga Radar System, which was “part of the Soviet anti-missile network, and didn’t appear on any civilian maps, though it can be seen from miles around,” according to You can also visit reactor number four, as a large steel structure protects it. 

     Another place on the list to visit is the nearby workers’ city of Pripyat. According to, it is “perhaps the world’s most famous ghost town, [and is] usually visited as a day-trip from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, which lies 130 km to the south.”

     Junior Ian Huth says that he thinks the idea of visiting right now is very unsafe. “It is still one of the most radioactive places in the world, 37 years later.” Huth continues that it is bad for your health, “unless you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on proper protective gear.” Huth also mentions that it is still a conflict zone between Russia and Ukraine.

     While the Chernobyl disaster was a very unfortunate event, a piece of history lies in this place in Ukraine and holds a very important story that can be told by guides and returned locals, who share the stories during tours.