Mental Wellness Awareness Month

Kimberly Allen, Reporter

     Voices of Equity, or VOE is a group that works towards true change in our school and community.   

     This month, VOE is covering the issue of mental wellness, titling this month Mental Wellness Awareness Month. 

     Jenna Roh, sophomore, said, “This month is about spreading awareness about mental health issues so we can help reduce the stigmas surrounding them. It is also a way to share resources with people who might need them.” 

    Fellow sophomore Jada Felton said “We are making posters this month with facts about mental health issues and ways to get help. I want to make students feel more comfortable and provide people with accessible resources.”  

  Roh said “When approaching something like this topic I think the best thing people can do is have an open mind and be willing to learn.” Felton commented that, “In order to make a bigger impact, we need more people.” 

     If projects like Mental Health Awareness Month interests any student, they should see Mr. James to sign up for Voices of Equity.